Jacob Hawley is a London based stand-up comedian, writer, performer and me, as seen on BBC3 and heard on BBC Radio 4.


He (...I) first performed stand up in 2014, since then he's done hundreds of other, nicer gigs around the UK, including big old sets at some very nice clubs. He was a finalist in the BBC New Comedy Awards in 2017 and he has written and starred (acted) in shorts for BBC3. 


In 2018 Jacob did a show called Howl (not sure what I should or shouldn't put in bold anymore) at the Edinburgh Fringe which went down quite well. Bits of this went in to a stand up special called Jacob Hawley's Welcome to Britain for Radio 4 in May 2019. I think it is still available on iPlayer but I'm not 100% sure. 


(oops!) do a podcast called Jacob Hawley: On Drugs for BBC Sounds. It gets lots of listeners, Adam Deacon was on it and for a while it was 14th in the iTunes chart which is above Peter Crouch!

Did another show in Edinburgh in 2019 called Faliraki. Reviews were nice. The room was usually busy and always too hot. It was better than Howl. And its coming to a town near you soon! Maybe!

If you'd like to see me (him!) perform, please see the live page, or email me and I'll send you a video. No videos on here I'm afraid, I did that before and a man that I went to school with who has now become an estate agent quoted my material to me at a music festival. Horrible.

‘Intelligent and important, his self-aware set sees him explore themes of class and identity in the modern world expertly.’
The Sunday Post
 ‘A down-to-earth talent who's got it in spades, it's an impressive, strong debut show that makes it feel like he's already been doing this for years.’
The List
‘His maturity of delivery & subject held us all in an unsnapping thrall. An ever-expanding intelligence, a keen analytical mind, & the talent to turn it all to comedy.’
The Mumble
‘Charming and sincere.’
The Peg Review
 ‘A mature, sharp wit, a relaxed manner and an undertow of political passion… Clever, and different.’
Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard
‘Voice of a generation’
Steve Bennett, Chortle.